How to make a catalog for your company

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For a catalog function as an effective tool of marketing and sales, you should show an attractive and professional image. These tricks will teach you to do it.

Create your free catalog of products or services Editafacil.

A professional catalog usually costs effort and an important economic investment. So the solution is to use a template quality, such as Editafacil, which allows you to adjust the image and content in a few simple steps. Furthermore, as you can save the catalog on your private area you can change the contents without having to make a new one. This way you'll have always updated.

Before you start editing your catalog, it is advisable that you thought some preliminary questions: Who are your main customers, what kind of products you include, how are you going to organize ... This will help make editing faster and easier. Documentate. Check out different catalogs and record those ideas that you like to include in yours. In our kiosk you can see some publications that can inspire you.

Make a sketch of how you want your catalog.

It begins with a presentation, which make a brief reference to the history of your company, values, philosophies, interests, etc. It includes an index to make it easier to search for items. Sort your products by categories, so it will be easier to find your client. The appearance is essential in a catalog. You have to take good care of the overall image. Typography, colors or photographs must be consistent with the company and its philosophy.

To introduce the products, you should use actual photographs. Place a product at each photo, preferably on white background. "A picture is worth a thousand words" they say. If the picture is good, people will want to buy the product. Remember to link the images of your products so that users can interact and visit your website.

Accompanied the photo with a brief description. It indicates all those characteristics that you consider essential. It is to offer detailed item information in order to be sold.

You can not miss the price of the product visible, it is one of the main motivations of purchase. If you have promotions or discounts destacalos using another size or color.

Do not forget to put conditions checkout and return policy of the company.

It is important that you provide contact information: phone number, email address, physical address, including business hours. In this way, the customer can choose the method you like best to ask for information or make a purchase. Finally, check out a couple of times the catalog, to check that no errors of any kind.

Our statistics show that in the course of a year, our customers have ten times more readers to use the Multimedia Catalog in both offline and online media, that when using a traditional catalog. In addition, the catalog is visible on all computers, tablets and smartphones popular market.

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