How to create a portfolio of services

How to create a portfolio of services

How to create a portfolio of services - it's a question that's hard to find a good answer. All through the broad context, which includes a portfolio of services. To portfolio of services can fulfill their tasks, creating it must be done in an orderly and coordinated manner, not only on the side of the IT vendors, but also in consultation with business customers. In addition, it is very important to support initiatives on both sides. Only close cooperation will ensure the creation of the portfolio of services that reflect the needs of business. What's more continuous cooperation must apply to newly introduced services, determining directions for current services and, at the planning stage, the development of services.

Over the last few years due to the continuous and rapid changes in the business environment, IT services were subjected to ever greater pressure on the delivery of value to the business. With the increasing pressure change occurred in the way service providers who have moved from the traditional model of IT, focused on the maintenance of internal performance indicators for the organization, which can be easily decomposed and optimize its selected parts in terms of specificity and business requirements. This decomposition is possible thanks to the portfolio of services. Okay, but how to create a portfolio of services?

How to create a portfolio of services?

One of the most common mistakes made by IT organizations to create a portfolio of services is to start work on the review and analysis of internal IT processes, and despite considerable maturity (ao this may suggest the possession of several implemented and operating processes) organizations choose to create a portfolio of services based on processes . The portfolio of services is not created on the basis of excellence of internal IT processes. It is a representation of services, and thus the definition of the services should start with the effort of his creation.

So how to create a portfolio of services? Please note that the portfolio of services should be created based on business requirements and should be continuously monitored and evaluated for their suitability and whether the services support business goals. This can occur only through close and continuous co-operation with the business layer, which will ensure that the service provider will work services effectively supporting business goals. The degree of adaptation to business needs in such a case will be huge and will avoid disappointment and at worst - the loss of reputation in the eyes of customers.

In response to the question "how to create a portfolio of services?" You can not ignore strategic thinking. The decision to reloaded with a portfolio of services has to be taken at a high-level organization and must be from the very beginning widely supported both by the management organization of IT and business. It is also an initiative for which there must be a clear business case (ang. Business Case). Many CIOs forget about it, so that expenditure on creating a portfolio of services are unnecessary expense in the eyes of the business (for which, incidentally, is being prepared).

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